Considerations for Working with Hyland Global Cloud Services


Unlike an on-premise solution, the Hyland Global Cloud Services (GCS) provides similar functionality to users and administrators without having to manage the hardware, operating system, security, etc. This allows the administrators to focus more on tailoring OnBase to meet their organization’s business needs and provide a strong, stable system for their end users.

However, as with any hosted environment, there are a few considerations that need to be addressed when making major changes to your OnBase solution.


There are 6 considerations to keep in mind when working with the Hyland GCS:

  1. User Groups
  2. Workflow Timers
  3. Local vs hosted document/folder paths
  4. Import preprocessors
  5. SFTP folder and disk group creation
  6. SFTP upload timing

Below is a breakdown of each consideration.

User Groups

When working in an on-premise solution, it is common for administrators to work using the MANAGER user or manager group. These allow total access to your OnBase solution, making administration easier. However, neither the MANGER user nor user group are available in the Hyland GCS environment.

For security reasons, access to these is purposely revoked.

When developing a solution for use in the Hyland GCS, be sure that all settings are accessible to an administration group outside of the manager group.

It is recommended that administrators have three user accounts:

  1. An account that is a member of all groups. Having a user part of the User/User Group Administration setting on an individual user is not allowed in a Hyland cloud environment. You will not be able to administer to groups that you are not a part of.
  2. A normal user account for regular use.
  3. An admin test account that will belong to specific groups for you to build and test modifications.

Workflow Timers

When developing Workflows in OnBase Studio you will need to reach out to the Hyland GCS team for assistance with adding timers. The process is to create the Workflow timer in OnBase Studio, and then submit a ticket outlining which Workflow and which timer needs to be added.

Document and Folder Paths

Like many solution hosting providers, the Hyland GCS network is secured. Part of this security is preventing access to untrusted networks through services like VPN. If you’re building a solution in a local test environment, be sure to note down any document and folder paths prior to promoting to your Hyland GCS environment.

Noting these paths will help speed up the process of promoting the solution and avoid potential errors later on.

Import Preprocessors

In OnBase, a preprocessor can be utilized to verify correct data and formatting, and even modify formatting, of incoming data. These preprocessors are custom code that are built into an EXE file that can be run during import processes.

Because these are custom scripts, they must be thoroughly reviewed by the Hyland GCS team before being allowed for use. When you’ve finished developing your preprocessor you will want to reach out to begin the process of review.

Note: Once initiated, this review can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Once the Hyland GCS team has finished their review, and built the EXE, they will provide you with a path to where the preprocessor is stored.

SFTP and Disk Group Creation

During the initial setup, and while administering to your solution, you may need to create an SFTP folder or Disk Group. These are restricted activities that the Hyland GCS team needs to perform.

When reaching out to have them performed, be sure to provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • SFTP folder name and path
  • Disk Group media type (tape, DVD, etc.)

Once completed, the Hyland GCS team will follow up with a confirmation of completion.

SFTP Upload Timing

When a file is uploaded to the Hyland GCS SFTP folder, there can be a potential delay between the initial upload, and when they’re available for use with OnBase. Because of this potential delay, you will want to ensure your scheduled import processes that work with the files run at least 5-10 minutes after the final item is uploaded and no new items uploaded.


These considerations can help with planning the initial configuration of your solution, or potential changes that you make while hosted on the Hyland GCS environment. If you have any questions with these, or other considerations, reach out to your first line of support for assistance.

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