Transport-Level Error


When working within Kofax, at some point in one of the queues, you may receive an error that looks like the image below:




Fatal database error – Error executing SQL command. A transport-level error has occurred when receiving the results from the server…

or perhaps your error will say something like:

Error getting data reader from stored procedure. A transport-level error has occurred when receiving results from the server…

While initially, it may appear to be an issue with Kofax, the root of the problem is actually related to the network and is generally independent of Kofax. When you see this type of error, the issue should be addressed with your first level of IT support for general network issues (like internet connectivity, open ports, limited bandwidth, etc.).


Like most applications, Kofax depends on several other factors in order to function properly. Just as Google Chrome depends on an internet connection to work, Kofax also depends upon certain network requirements in order to function properly. In IT, this “layered” dependency is often illustrated using the OSI model. Below is a diagram which shows how the “transport-level” and Kofax application relate to each other:


As can be seen from the diagram, most Kofax errors that occur generally reside in the “Application” layer (also known as layer 7). Transport layer problems are an indication that the computer is having a difficult time communicating with either the internet or another computer on the network. If you are having issues with layers 1-4 (Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport), then the problem is not with Kofax.

Multiple People Affected

If this issue is happening with multiple people within your company, then the culprit is most likely a network outage. If the network is doing fine and only Kofax applications are being affected, then the network may be experiencing the limitations of a small bandwidth. Reach out to your local IT group determine why this error is occurring.

Just You Affected

If this issue is just happening with you, then the issue is most likely with your specific computer. For example, the problem could be a recent update on your computer, multiple open applications competing for the limited bandwidth, no internet connection, firewall settings, etc. Reach out to your local IT group determine why this error is occurring.

Next Steps

It is not impossible for Kofax to be the reason that this error is happening. If after taking the first few steps recommended by your internal IT Help Desk, feel free to reach out to your first line of support for Kofax with the troubleshooting steps that were taken and their corresponding results.

Additional Information

Below are additional links that may help you as you troubleshoot this error.

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