Kofax Network and Security Minimum Requirements


Before installing Kofax Capture, it’s recommended to prepare your environment. Doing this will alleviate potential issues that may require additional time spent troubleshooting. When it comes to your organization’s network, there are a few minimal network and security requirements for Kofax.


Network Requirements

Kofax Capture can rely heavily on a computer network to perform document data capture and extraction. Below are the ports that Kofax typically uses for network communication:

Server Message Block (SMB) = 139 and 445

Domain Name Server (DNS) = 53

NetBIOS = 137, 138, 139

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) = 3389

TCP port 2424, UDP port 1434, and a dynamically-assigned TCP port

Note: The dynamically-assigned TCP port can be found and located within the System Registry.

Changing the TCP port on which the Named Instance listens does not eliminate the requirements for UDP port 1434 and TCP port 2424.

Security Policies

Kofax Capture normally operates with unrestricted access to specific program files and the CaptureSV share. However, for administrators who are seeking to tighten security, below are the folders which require Full Control rights:

  • The Capture share on the Kofax Capture Server and all of the Capture share’s subfolders
  • The system and user Temp folder
  • Temporary Image Folder (typically below the Capture share, but is allowed to be elsewhere.)

Additionally, there are three System Registry keys that the users need access to:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kofax Image Products
  • Full Control
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Kofax Image Products
  • Read (VRS users must have Full Control)
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Kofax

When the Capture share is generated, it grants access to the “Everyone” group. This group allows access for anyone who is able to navigate to the share (including the Guest user). Changing “Everyone” to “Authenticated Users” can revoke access from Guest users, and help to tighten security.

Additional Information

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