Importing and Exporting Unity Forms

Unity Forms can be exported and imported from OnBase Studio to facilitate movement between environments as well as for backup purposes.  However, for this process to be successful, the import step has a specific order of operations when resolving differences:

The order of resolution recommended by Hyland is as follows:

  1. Life Cycles (if applicable)
  2. System Tasks, then System Task: Rules, then System Task: Actions
  3. Disk Groups
  4. File Types
  5. Currency Formats
  6. User Groups
  7. Users
  8. Keywords
  9. Keyword Type Groups/AutoFill Keyword Sets/Cascading Data Sets
  10. Document Type Groups
  11. Document Types
  12. Unity Form Themes
  13. Unity Data Sets
  14. SYS HTML Forms (always Create New, never Map or Map to Same Name)
  15. Unity Form Templates (Create New or Create Revision, never Map or Map to Same Name)

The remaining options can be resolved in any order, as they do not directly affect Unity Forms.  It is not recommended to use Auto Resolve when Unity Forms are involved as it may result in unpredictable results.

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