How to Set Up Kofax Scanner Profiles


When a user opens up the Kofax Scan module, they are able to immediately start scanning. However, the default settings provided by Kofax may not be ideal. Some of the settings include 200 DPI (scan resolution), duplex/double-sided scanning, and Black & White color mode.

This article will show you how you can adjust these settings, utilize *Kofax VRS, and save your scanner profile for later use.

*Note: Kofax VRS may require a VRS Elite License for some options and features.


Scanner Configuration

Before we can start using our scanner, or begin setting it up, it’s helpful to make our scanner the default scan source. This is done through the scanner configuration utility. There’s two ways to access this: Kofax and Kofax VRS. Which one you choose will depend on how VRS was installed.

  1. Accessing this utility through Kofax is done by navigating to the Kofax Capture folder in the start menu, and clicking on the Scanner Configuration Utility.


  2. When the utility comes up, it may show a large list of scanner manufacturers and models. Navigate to your scanner’s manufacturer and model.
  3. To make a scanner the default source, you simply click “Set as Default” at the top of the right-hand menu. This will force the default device source to be selected upon entering Scan, Validation, Quality Control, etc.


Scanners can have multiple device source settings, and depending on what drivers have been installed, and your computer’s capability, you may want to specify a specific source.

  1. Select the Configure Sources option in the utility menu. This will open a new window with a list of sources for the selected scanner model.
  2. Highlight the desired source, and select “Set Device Default Source”.


Note: If you do not see 2-4 sources in the list, then select “Create Standard Sources” to ensure the default sources are available.

Basic Scanner Profile Setup

In order to set up scanner profile settings such as resolution, color mode or page sides, launch the Kofax Scan Module. Accessing the current settings for your scanner can be done by clicking the information icon next to the scan sources.

When you select this, a window will be displayed with the current settings for your scanner source. These settings are fine for basic purposes; however, they can be adjusted to get better quality, and better suit your needs.


Once you’ve chosen your desired settings, you can enter the Kofax VRS scanner profile settings from this window by clicking the “Advanced…” button.

Kofax VRS Scanner Profile Setup

When the Kofax VRS Interactive Viewer is launched (by selecting the Advanced button in the Kofax scanner profile settings window) you can further tune your scanner. Within the VRS settings tool you can adjust options including:

  • Blank Page detection and deletion
  • Edge Cleanup
  • Brightness & Contrast
  • Color Detection, and more

If a scanned page has been selected when entering this viewer, the image will be displayed in the preview. This may help when adjusting the image contrast and brightness.


Color detection is important when working with color separation pages. When enabled, it will allow Kofax to auto-detect these pages and treat them as black and white separator pages.

After you’ve finished adjusting the settings within the VRS Interactive Viewer, click OK in the lower right to apply these settings and exit this window.

Saving Your Scanner Profile

Most users don’t want to have to recreate these settings each time they enter the Scan, Validation, or any other module that uses the scanner. There is a way to save these settings so they can be automatically applied upon opening the Kofax modules.

There is a save button in the upper-left area of the modules that use scanners (scan, validation, quality control, etc). This save button will create a scanner profile for later use within Kofax. When you click it, a list will appear with all the scanner profiles that have been created, and the option to name a new profile.


After you’ve named the profile, it will be available for future use within the Kofax system.

Important Note Regarding Scanner Profile Naming

When Kofax launches, it uses predefined rules for selecting which scanner profile to use. When creating scanner profiles for use with particular batch classes, naming the profile to match will cause Kofax to use that scanner profile first. If a scanner profile does not exist with the same name as the batch class, Kofax will search for a profile named "default".

Lastly, if it cannot locate either profile, then it will revert to its base settings, which may be undesired.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Scanner Profiles can be created, saved and shared, from the Kofax Capture Server. This can be done through the Administration Module, and the steps to create and save a profile will be the same as above.

    Creating a scanner profile from the Kofax Capture Server can provide a default profile for use on any workstation, independent of the operator. This can also save time when installing workstations, as the profile is already established and can be accessed right away.

  2. Creating, or recreating, scan sources can be a great first step in troubleshooting a issue with scanning in Kofax. Recreating the scan sources will clear any potential corrupt or misconfigured settings.

Additional Information:

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